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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton 


St Teresa’s Church, 301 Karori Rd, Karori.   Mass Times: Saturday 5.30pm, Sunday 10.00am.  Weekdays: Tuesday - Friday 9.30am;  Saturday 9am. Exposition: 1st Friday of the month. St Thomas More Church, 30a Worcester St, Wilton. Mass Times: Sunday 8.30am



Exposition and Adoration: Is held on the first  Friday of the month in St Teresa’s chapel after 9.30am Mass and will begin again in February. Divine Mercy Devotion: Divine Mercy Devotion is every Saturday night at 5pm.  Reconciliation and Baptism: by appointment.  




An early Christian, Egeria, who travelled widely in Egypt, Palestine, and Asia Minor, during the period 381385, describers how the people of Jerusalem re-enacted the events of Holy Week. 
Holy Week is where we also re-enact, relive, and participate in the passion of Jesus Christ. It is the most important week of the Christian year. Palm Sunday recalls the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. We symbolically stay with Jesus in Jerusalem for the time of Holy week.
The Mass of the Chrism will be celebrated on Tuesday evening at 7pm. In this special Mass, Cardinal John will bless the Oils that will be used in parishes and chaplaincies throughout the Archdiocese in the coming year.
 Holy Thursday - the Institution of the Eucharist and priesthood, and the commandment to serve. Good Friday – The passion account of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Veneration of the Cross, and Holy  Communion.
Easter Saturday Vigil – The lighting of the Easter Candle, the account of the Jewish Passover, the blessing of baptismal water and renewal of vows. The reception of new members into the Church. The Eucharist.
 Easter Sunday   - The Lord’s Resurrection

 On Good Friday parishioners of St Teresas , St Thomas More and St Anne's joined together and made a pilgrimage that has taken place since 1988.  Over sixty people travelled together and carried the Cross while pausing to read the Passion on a journey between St Thomas More to St Annes.  Before leaving the Cross everyone was encouraged to make their own message and leave it on the Cross. 

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On 18th February a letter from Cardinal John Dew was circulated to all parishes.  In it, Cardinal John requested a review of each parish’s current  buildings, and their present financial situation. This was with a view of looking to the future. He asked us to prioritize ‘Mission.’  Each parish is required to  present these proposals by October 19th, 2019.   The following is a suggested approach I have run past the Parish Pastoral Council, the Finance Committee and Archdiocesan Offices.
Phase 1: April, May, June: Information gathering.  This is an important phrase as what follows will be based on this.  This includes the current value of buildings and realistic annual maintenance and insurance costs.  These are key drivers of rising cost in  parishes, in the case of insurance largely out of our control, and limit what can be afforded for ministry and mission.  The use of buildings, their  occupancy, whether they are ‘fit for purpose’, who uses them and how often.   Information about mass counts, funerals etc.  The financial situation of the parish, the number of Givers, AP, Envelope, Cash.  The latest Planned Giving Programme results,     especially the number of  Givers in relation to the population of the parish.  The finished document must be clear, precise,    easily read, and communicated to all, via eletter link and in the Parish website.  It must not be too long that people will not read it, or short and vague. 
Phase 2: July, August: A time of discernment.  This is a mixture of prayer and communication. There will be prayer opportunities. Also, a variety (not one) way of communicating. This could be a mixture of meetings, but also emailing of thoughts and suggestions.   This is also a time of communicating with  parishes who touch our boundaries and the  pastoral area we are in, other groups, both  religious and non-religious that use our buildings, or may in the future. Discerning what mission-oriented activity the parish might develop (or build up for the things it is already involved in). This is the reason for the process, to ensure that the parish’s assets and income are not just used to maintain the status quo, but are re-configured in ways which support growth in the parish’s mission to its own poorer people and to those in the wider community.   Phase 3: September. Decision making and proposal formulation.  This brings together Phase 1 and Phrase 2 and makes decisions / recommendations based on them.  Again, an exact process has yet to be developed.  
Fr Ron 

Parish Giving:                

Thankyou to all those who  have donated this year to the parish. Your receipts will be available in the church foyers in mid April.
As we come to the end of the tax year (31 March), it is a good time to review your financial commitment to the Parish. If you are not part of the Planned   Giving programme you are very welcome to        contribute to the parish in this way preferably by Bank Direct Credit (AP) or weekly envelopes. 
By registering your donations with the Parish you could be eligible to claim a tax rebate of up to 33.3% at the end of the financial year. Contact the parish office for more  information:   

Exposition and Adoration: Is held on the first  Friday of the month in St Teresa’s chapel after 9.30am Mass.
Divine Mercy Devotion: Divine Mercy Devotion is every Saturday night at 5pm at St Teresas.  
Parish Morning tea: Last Friday of the month after Mass in the Presbytery. All welcome.
Lent In Our Parish
Weekday Masses—9.30am Tuesday to  Friday and  Saturday 9.00am continue.
Reconciliation: Every Wednesday at 7pm – 8pm at  St  Thomas More Church and St Teresa’s Church.
Stations of the Cross: 7.00pm Mondays at St Teresas led by CWL. 

Greenstone Doors, an ecumenical charity for women and children is looking for volunteers

Home of Compassion Nuns have a number of meditation and contemplation events for people to attend at their island Bay compound. Check here on their website, also printed on the back of our newsletter.

Anzac Day Mass 25th April  9.30am St Teresa’s Church.
 Anzac Day Memorial Service: 10.30am Karori 

Ecumenical Way of the Cross.  This Begins at St Thomas More Church, Wilton at 9.30am walking in a procession to St Anne's Anglican Church, Northland. After the Service you are invited to share Hot Cross buns. If the weather is too bad the entire service will be held at St Thomas More Church. All are welcome.




Parishioners, parish ministries etc wanting to upload content onto the parish website please use these email addresses  Parish Office  or Webmaster ,attach your content and provide clear detail.  Thanks